1st Blog ever!

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1st Blog ever!

So this is it, my 1st blog post, no pressure just let it flow....

Thank you so much for checking out our new site!! We continue to build and grow and it wouldn't be without all of the amazing support we get. 

For those who want to do more and join our community, we are switching a few things up. We found that more and more of you wanted to help share the top notch products we sell. So we created an affiliate program but it's more than just your typical program, you become a part of the synergy that is the whole. 

We are growing our consultants, passionate, caring people who are here to help! Want to join be a Community Consultant? Make up to 20% on all sales and be part of something much bigger!

Email join@healthyheadie.com to be connected with HQ. 

So we are passionate people who feel very strongly that you should have the right to do certain things. With a new industry emerging there are many who will take advantage of others lack of knowledge. Selling wares that are less than acceptable, without customer service never mind quality. 

After going through many items ourselves, we started to catalogue the best of the best devices, tools and accessories we came across. Creating a curated collection of items and presenting it in professional sophisticated manner.  

We present to your an on-line marketplace, when you shop with us you support a great business. When you work with an Ambassador or a Community Consultant you support a local business. Shift your way of shopping and engage in conscious consumption. 

Thank you all until next time!!

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