Bee-Nail Dabbers Turbine Starter Kit

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The Hive Set is the ideal choice for the Enail beginner that needs to be 100% dab ready right out of the box! This set comes with a Titanium nail and carb cap and Turbine Rig!

  • User Manual
  • Bee-Nails Digital Temperature Control Box w/USB Port
  • 20mm Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil ( 5 Feet)
  • Power Cord (5 Feet)
  • Standard 1 Year Warranty 
  • Titanium Universal Nail
  • White Bee-Nails Silicone Dab Mat (8.5" x 12")
  • White Dab Container
  • Clear Turbine Honeycomb Side Car Bubbler
  • Bee-Nails custom art