About us

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Where did it all begin?

Over a decade ago, a small seed was planted into the minds of the founders which grew into a passion and has since been cultivated into a lifestyle. The two founders are very active in the community with a goal to ensure compassion and quality remain at the forefront of this new industry. 

The two began this social selling concept recognizing that word of mouth is the best sales and it really works. It not only allowed consumers to receive needed information in a private and secure environment, it's also the hands-on training they are craving. The mission, to help others and provide guidance, second, to create opportunities for others to get involved and provide information and demonstrations to new users and curious consumers in this budding new industry. Through a network approach, online Ambassadors and Community Consultants become an extension of the Headie philosophy. The two saw such a potential to help people and stimulate the economy they launched Healthy Headie in Plymouth Ma in 2014. 

They continued to grow, getting a chance to appear quickly on CBS This Morning, NowThisWeed with over 230K views and many other media sources. The path isn't paved, facing continued adversity, like being shut down by several credit card processors, having to change websites, remove logos and conform to the madness that still exists, the team is constantly bobbing and weaving. 

Welcome to Healthy Headie Lifestyle 

United we stand, the community continues to grow - Unity in Community!

OUR MISSION is to provide tools, resources, and information to people interested in alternatives for their health. Healthy Headie Lifestyle is all about conscious consumption and highlighting the best tools and accessories available. Our goal is to share the best of the best with our customers. We work with top of the line manufactures, distributors, businesses and services. We want to create opportunities for those who want in and to create and stimulate the local economies. 


Welcome to our lifestyle, be part of the movement, Be Healthy Be Headie.

By shopping with an independent consultant you are supporting a small business owner. At Healthy Headie we are creating a better life/work balance, an adaptable business model for today’s entrepreneur.


Do you have a desire to help build a socially responsible, highly visible brand while making a real difference in people’s lives?

Be the Change 

Join our on-line Ambassadors or be more involved as a Community Consultant!

Seeing the need for more information, education and assistance, the two set out to create a community of ambassadors. 

Our philosophy is simple, treat people as you would like to be treated. As this is a new industry there are many people who are going to be sold things, well they just didn't need. Our intent is to weed through all of the vaporizers, devices, tools and accessories that we find in this newly budding industry and present them through our community. After much product testing and reviews, we only select the best of the best or the Headiest products to showcase in our Marketplace. 

  • Curated products
  • Quality
  • Unique social selling 
  • Hands on overview
  • Try before you buy 

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